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Commission is a painting or any other art piece that is created from scratch as the client orders it. Commissioning can be done through contact form or email.


I create organic 3D models like animals and plants; all the natural things. I can also rig, skin and do simple animations using Blender, Quixel, and After Effects.

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be anything from the button you click to animated banners and websites. I create single-page layouts, UI elements and modern front-end code.

My name is Alex and I'm an illustrator who does organic 3D models on the side and has a specialization in drawing ideas. Those thoughts that aren't maybe completely fleshed out but have an awesome concept. Maybe it's a game character, a company mascot, or even a graphic novel. If you can describe it, I can draw it.
My specialization is
drawing ideas.
Feel free to browse through the site to get a general idea of my style and if you have questions - anything at all - don't hesitate to mail me or send me a message through whichever social media site we might've met.




21 Oct

Heiress Progress Images

So I’m finally finished with my personal “it’s time I learn to make hair in Blender” image, Heiress. Here’s a few progress images and some explanation for them, althought the hair part I didn’t actually document too well as it had a lot of things I just redid over and over. Here’s the final:

And here’s how it started out:

Just your basic sketch for the head, but you have to start somewhere. I ended up choosing this anime-ish look as that way I could get away with the face having very little detail and I was much more interested in the Blender particle part than modeling.

Simple enough…

Oh how clean it looked.. Sure didn’t later on but I wasn’t planning to animate this thing anyway. I stitched up the left and right UVs of the face so it wouldn’t have a cutout right at the middle but otherwise didn’t really bother further.

Skin material! This one was fairly quick to make, I just slapped the thing into Substance Painter and followed a tutorial as to how to set the nodes. I was even more lazy with the eyes, which I just grabbed from BlendSwap

A few test renders. Grainy, because I’m not going to have 100 samples for something I just need a quick look for. My plan was to render the body, eyes and the hair separately but in the end I just did most of the work in Blender compositor. As shown in the middle image, I was extremely lazy when weight painting and since the errors got obscured by the hair I didn’t really do anything about it.

Another quick render with everything in place. The necklaces were just couple toruses and an array following a curve. The top was made by duplicating the body mesh, deleting everything but the top and sculpting a bit to make the cloth creases. The other cloth was just an extruded plane, bunch of subdiv modifiers and sculpting. Cloth material was a simple node setup of mixing velvet, translucent and diffuse.

After setting up the lights with a yellow front lamp and couple emission planes further back I ended up with the final render which I throwed into Photoshop to add a background and make the image more unified. I changed the hair highlights quite a bit, darkening the brighter area at the top and some really harsh highlights. Added some highlights on the eyes and hair, blurred the ends of the cloth and spent basically the whole day messing with mainly color adjustments.