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Commission is a painting or any other art piece that is created from scratch as the client orders it. Commissioning can be done through contact form or email.


I create mostly organic 3D models like animals and plants. I can also rig, texture and do simple animations using Blender, Quixel or After Effects.

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be anything from the button you click to animated banners and websites. Among others I create layouts, UI elements and modern front-end code.

Heya! I'm Alex. I'm an illustrator who does 3D models on the side and has a specialization in drawing ideas. Those thoughts that aren't maybe completely fleshed out but have an awesome concept. Maybe it's a game character, a company mascot, or even a graphic novel. If you can describe it, I can draw it.
My specialization is
drawing ideas.
Feel free to browse through the site to get a general idea of my style and if you have questions - anything at all - don't hesitate to mail me or send me a message through whichever social media site we might've met at.




02 Jun

Watercolors with photoshop


I’ve been looking for something to use to get that watercolor look without having to buy Corel Painter, which, while awesome, can’t be subbed to and the lite version isn’t worth the money (they say it includes all the brushes but doesn’t mention some of the layer styles to make them work as intended are not).

So, about Photoshop brushes and tools. Most of the free or cheap ones are those stamp-ish brushes that you plop here and there and try to hide how it looks the exact same everywhere. Then there’s tools. Tools work much better as they have more flexibility, but can be a bit of a pain to find so here’s couple good ones in case you haven’t run into them before:

Kyle’s brushes

They are awesome, they’re fast and simple to buy and they’re about as expensive as a pint in Paris. Plus he has a bunch of free ones if you just want to try things out.

Kasper Hviid’s brushes

I only recently found these. They are free and they are amazing. The above image was partially done using Kasper’s but you can make much more genuine looking watercolors with them, just try them out and see for yourself.